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Dec 27, 2012 11:35pm PST
. abc's ryan owens brings us inside the booming business of being cheap. >> reporter: they're opening their doors faster than new starbucks. >> i like it because it's cheaper. >> reporter: there are now more dollar stores in the united states than drugstores. >> since the prices are so good, it's like why not? >> you can get more stuff for cheaper. >> reporter: a $56 billion industry. >> i think we can double the size of our chain within this country. >> reporter: each pin on this map represents one family dollar store. howard levine is the ceo of that chain. >> tons of growth here. this is probably a thousand-store state. >> reporter: right now he oversees an empire of how many stores? >> right around 7,550. >> reporter: are you sensitive to the charge that you're the ceo of one of the cheap stores? cheap is bad? >> no, somebody called me cheap, i take that as a compliment. that means we're looking for value, we don't overpay for stuff. >> reporter: cheap is working. three dollar chains, family dollar, dollar general, and dollar tree are fortune 500 companies. another chain, 99 cents
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
know his name and his friends and his neighbors are speaking out. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: meet matt good. as in good luck. good fortune. and according to his close friends, a good guy. >> just a very personable, nice guy. he's always out there trying to help somebody. >> reporter: the 37-year-old is a manager at an electronics company. and says he'll keep his job for now. he lives with his wife and young daughter in this home in phoenix. >> just fabulous people. >> reporter: lottery officials say good did exactly what someone who won $192 million should. he hired a team of attorneys and financial advisers. and disappeared from the public eye. >> we have an arizona winner. >> reporter: arizona lottery big-wigs held a news conference last week. but state law didn't require him to attend. so, he didn't. and issued this statement. we have extremely grateful and feel fortunate to now have an increased ability to support our charities and causes. good is taking the cash option now, telling lottery officials he's worried his taxes will go up even more if the politic
Dec 21, 2012 7:00am PST
one of them, ryan owens joins us from plano, texas. . >> reporter: good morning to you, elizabeth. not only are we all still alive. i've got christmas lights this early in the morning. take a look at this. everybody loves the beautiful christmas display. but here's a question for you. what if you had to look at this every, single day for a month solid? would that try your holiday patience? 'tis the season to love thy neighbor. except, perhaps, when thy neighbor puts up this. ♪ for years this synchronized show of more than 200,000 lights in el paso, texas, has drawn the ire of neighbors. every christmas, they complain to the cops about the spotlights, the traffic, the parking. >> it's basically turned our neighborhood into a side show. >> tremendous traffic. >> our whole neighborhood is being held hostage during christmastime. >> reporter: near atlanta, neighbors are so mad about this display of inflatable characters around a mansion, they whipped out their cell phones to record traffic accidents. >> cars always stop here. it's a traffic nightmare. >> reporter: you're only hearin
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
steer far clear of that trap. >> that was congressman paul ryan saying it was time to reach out to all american voters. fine sentiment, but are they? here now we bring in burgess owens, a former nfl player and super bowl winner who says his community has been hurt badly because of its solid loyal toy the democrats. he's also the author of "it's all about the team." thank you for coming on. i don't know if you heard what paul ryan said. but blacks -- let's see. 95% of african-americans voted for president obama in this last election. what do you make of that? what does that tell you? >> well, the first thing we have to start looking at is what it's going to take for us to get the respect of both parties, and that comes down to us being a people that are principled over anything else. we have 95% of any race that would vote for a person or party, it kind of helps them to be taken for granted. at this point, what does the democratic party have to do to win our vote? actually, just be around. so it's time for us as a people to start putting our principles first. i think we should be ashame
Dec 18, 2012 1:00am EST
the ii, kathena heranie, wafde kapachav itz -- i beg your pardon -- mark owen, purnell jones jr., grace anne charington, sarah brown clarke, kevin malltech, jeremy van meter, ryan colagar, ted strickland, chris redfern. mr. secretary, the calling of the role is complete. all 18 electors are present. >> the 53rd ohio electoral college -- i asked maureen o'connor, chief justice of the ohio supreme court, to come forward and administer the oath of office to the members of this electoral college. >> thank you, secretary. electors, i ask you to stand and raise your right hand. if you will repeat after me -- i solemnly swear that i will support, obey, and defense the constitution of the united states and the constitution and laws of the state of ohio and that i will faithfully discharge the duties of my office as i shall answer and to god -- unto god. congratulations. >> thank you, chief justice. i will now entertain the nominations for the chairman of the 53rd ohio collect oral college. this time, i would like to call and weighed capps a cabbage -- on wade kapsikavitch. >> i nominate
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)